About Alexis

You made it to our blog page! We started this blog to give you guys the inside scoop on our lives and the life of Al-Lex. Every other Friday, a new blog will appear. Be sure to stay up to date!

I think we should start with a proper introduction. My name is Alexis and I am the co-founder of Al-Lex. My life started in the suburbs of Kansas City to loving parents. Flash forward to now, I am currently attending Johnson County Community College as a Fashion Merchandising and Marketing student. I love fashion because it is a way to express myself while boosting my confidence.
The majority of my time is spent at my job, working on Al-Lex, or with friends. I would consider myself 75% extroverted and 25% introverted so I like to spend a lot of my time with other people. In the evenings and weekends, I like to go and do different things like shopping, TopGolf, TV showing watching, and sewing.

A family friend has been kind enough to teach me how to sew and I love it. It is crazy the satisfaction I get from creating clothes. My most recent creation is a blazer; my next project will be a matching pencil skirt. My current goal is to work full time on Al-Lex. I am excited for the future and I think you guys will be too!

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