The Life Cycle of an Al-Lex Shirt

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The Life Cycle of an Al-Lex Shirt

I don’t think you guys understand how much care and consideration go into every single shirt, I want to help you realize the exact life cycle of an Al-Lex shirt. First off, we put a lot of thought into each design and what shirt color would compliment it. Once we have decided on designs and colors, we are all set to order the supplies, plain shirts and design prints. Luckily, everything ships very quickly and we usually get it all in two days. We then can begin the process of making the shirt. I use a heat press to first remove any wrinkles. Then I line up the designs in the center of the shirt. With one more press and 340 degrees later, our print is set into the fabric.

Next, we can sew on the sleeve tags (yay for new sleeve tags!! (the old ones were quite the hassle)). Ali glues the tags onto the shirt to hold it in place while I sew it on the sleeve.

It is a simple straight stitch but can be time consuming after 357 shirts.

Once the tag is sewn on, the shirts are folded and sorted to be sent to Kindred or left in our inventory.

However long it took you to read this, multiple it by 100 and that’s how many hours we spend making our shirts. We want each shirt to last and be something you truly enjoy wearing; that is why we put so much thought and consideration into each and every one of them. 

Lex :)


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