Why and How Al-Lex Was Created

I think Ali and I were always bound to start a company together. We first met when we were 3 years old at a mother-daughter playdate. Growing up, we entertained ourselves with different entrepreneurial things. The most memorable activity was when Ali started a company called Ali Inc. (there will be a whole blog post about this in the coming future). When we reached our junior year of high school, our favorite teacher began a t-shirt making company for the school. We were her right-hand-team. We learned the process of making a shirt from designing, to cutting vinyl, to weeding, and then to heat pressing. To this day, she has been an amazing help to us for so many different reasons and we can't thank her enough for that. Back to junior year, I took an entrepreneurship class where we had to create a company. We came up with a business plan, created a website, social media profiles, Gmail, etc. We went the whole nine yards. It was a t-shirt company called Sedna’s Seals that would donate a portion of all proceeds to help save the seals. See the below images at our first attempt at a website and our first few designs. 

We loved the idea but struggled with finding how to get money to start and then how to produce the products ourselves. We presented a loan idea with my parents but things ultimately fell through. Ali and I began working at a property management company together in June 2019 and were tossing around the idea of Al-Lex in August. We loved the idea of being able to donate but couldn’t decide on a single organization. This is when we decided we would have different collections and donate to different organizations so we could help all kinds of people. It was scary but we decided to take a risk on Al-Lex. I think we both would have regretted it if we didn’t give it a chance because we knew we were bound to start a company someday. 

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Lex :)


  • Nicolw

    The 3rd, then 2nd! Congrats and wishing you both much future success!!! Xox

  • Jodi

    The top one!

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