About Us


In 2017, Ali and Alexis had plans to start a company called Sedna's Seals. This was a t-shirt company that would give proceeds to help save the seals. Money and development of the product became difficult; therefore, the company was put on the back burner. In 2019, Ali and Alexis began working an office job together. During their breaks, they came up with the idea for Al-Lex. We then re-branded Sedna's Seals into a company that can reach and change more lives.


Here at Al-Lex, we strongly believe that everyone can be the change. We donate a percentage of our proceeds from each tee to a different non-profit organization every quarter. We want to allow our customers to be the change they want to see with each purchase.

Our Brand

The name Al-Lex is derived from a combination of the co-owner's names, Ali and Alexis. Each of the owners have something different and important to bring to the table making them a perfect team. The logo is inspired by their favorite colors and unforgettable personalities. Ali's favorite color is pink and Alexis' favorite color is blue. When the two colors mixed, it made the perfect purple color that is now Al-Lex.